Holiday park - Wet dock
The M3B tourist port is located at the mouth of the River Magra and boasts a well equipped wet dock with concrete quays situated in a position protecting them from the currents.  It can host up to 135 boats of lengths up to 24 metres and there are also another 40 moorings along the shoreline on a floating bridge.   What makes this protected stretch of water exceptional is that it is sheltered from the tides and winds making it easier to manoeuvre and thus, making boat owners holidays more pleasurable. The water is predominantly fresh water with little vegetation which protects the immersed parts of the boat allowing for longer intervals between maintenance interventions.  Furthermore, the river flows at a low speed allowing to wash the mechanical components which normally come into contact with salt water and thus, preserve the cooling exchangers and circuits of the propellers.


A highly distinctive feature of our port infrastructure is the opportunity to take advantage of all the services on our facilities and especially the commercial services required without the necessity for those holidaying on boats being compelled to leave the complex.  Last, but not least, is its strategic position on the border between Liguria and Tuscany directly on the Gulf of Poets, just a few minutes from Porto Venere and the Cinque Terre (Five Lands) allowing you to reach destinations such as the Tuscan Archipelago, Tigullio and Corsica in just a few hours by boat.



    Night time surveillance
    24 hour access
    WI-FI cover
    Electricity, water and TV signal distribution pumps
    Interior/exterior boat washing service
    Free parking
    Mini market
    Adult’s and children’s swimming pool with solarium
    Relaxation area
    Weather forecast service
    Shuttle bus



Tel: +39 0187/676370-80

Fax: +39 0187/675014